4 facts you should know about registering a company in Australia

4 facts you should know about registering a company in Australia

Every new company that emerges in Australia, needs to be registered immediately. It is important because of the fact when a new company has to survive in the country, it has to fulfil certain legal formalities that may help the owner and the employees work in an organized and disciplined manner.

So if you also have decided to start a company or register a company in Australia, then you must make it sure, you will be registering it as soon as you can. There are many things that may not very clear for you when you are new in the field and are not aware of certain important things about registering company and getting a legal status for your new business.

Just like when you prepare an employment agreement and shareholders agreement you need to have a proper knowledge about all the formalities and legal clauses, the same is the case when you are going to register a new company. You will have to have a proper knowledge about how you will be registering your company and what are the important facts that you should be aware of.

Anyone can register a company

Anyone who starts a company and has a physical existence can register a company through ASIC or through a service providing agency. This ensures that your company has its legal existence and you are filing as a registered company in Australia.

You need to pay for the registration

You will have to pay for the registration fee which has been applied by the ASIC including the GST as well. This will make you eligible to get the legal place as a company.

Types of companies that are compliant for registration

Companies that are compliant for registration are those which have a physical address, an administrator who resides in Australia, is a proprietary company having shares in it.

The importance of having a permanent physical address

There should be a physical address which can be your business address, your home address either rented or own, but should not be a P.O box address as the address should be real and have to be accessible for ASIC members.

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